TEFL course in Thailand

English teaching course in 3 weeks

            TEFL is teaching English as foreign language which is becoming a popular course for all those who wish to move in the field of teaching. In most of the companies, this course is a 4 week course with 6 days a day. But certain companies offer this course for 3 weeks taking your 8 hours a day. This proves to be beneficial as you graduate a week earlier and can start earning a week earlier.

First week course outline

            The TEFL course thailand is teaching course which gives you 8 hours of fun and also the informative class instruction. You get 4 hours of homework every day as it is the company’s job to make you teachers. There are certain companies who have been successful in making and graduating over 6000 teachers and some of them have also achieved awards. TEFL course thailandIf you are in search of some true and best quality teachers company then you can get one near you and get your training done. The course includes language skills, language awareness and analysis, lesson planning, teacher motivation, practical teaching skills in the first week.

Second and third week outline

            In the second week of training course, the grammar skills and the speech skills are developed. And in the last week observation, planning and development skills are been taught. The training program makes use of the assessment activities in course so that they can offer the feedback to the participants. The activities are split into theory, actual and real world sessions. On successful completion of the course, participant will get the student report which shows their final assessment and the internationally recognized certificate. Moreover, alumni will be created so that the participant can stay in touch with each other in future as well.

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