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Claim with Torts

Tort law can also be termed as personal civil injury or any damage done by any intentional or negligent actions of any other person. The law of tort allows the aggrieved person to seek compensation for the loss. And a lot of lawyers especially some of the award-winning legal offices in Fresno, CA lawyer specialise in the field of tort dealing with varied cases of civil injury on a daily basis. Let’s look at some of the cases of torts an attorney sees on a regular basis.

Fresno, CA
  1. Medical Malpractice- This malpractice usually happens when a healthcare professional especially a doctor due to his negligent behaviour fails to attend to the standard of care needed by a patient. This often leads to personal injury of the patient. And this aggrieved patient has the right to seek compensation for the loss.
  2. Defamation- Defamation or incorrect and false statements given with a malicious intention for any person either in written (libel) or slander (oral) accounts to the compensation of the aggrieved. However, the aggrieved has the onus of proof that they suffered or faced financial losses because of that statement made. One thing to be kept in mind is that defamation can also be a criminal offence.
Fresno, CA
  1. Car accidents which are way too common in the United States of America especially in Fresno happen on a regular basis usually to the negligent and callous driving behaviour of someone or the other or due to someone not following the traffic rules. One can claim damages for the injuries or damages done to the victim by the driver especially through hiring good Fresno, CA lawyer. The driver though can claim such damages from his insurer.
  2. Wrongful death- Now this usually happens due to some negligent actor any dangerous or defective product being used. One can claim compensation for this as personal damage and the compensation provided is unique and very different from that provided for non- fatal injuries.

One can always claim the damage or injury done in the court of law with torts being applied. However, one has to make a move to claim it.

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