Know the difference between THC and CBD

There is a lot of misconception that revolves around the usage of Cannabis. Though a lot of countries have legally approved the usage of Cannabis and the products made out of it, a few of them have still raised a ban on these products. This is because of the different components that are present in the hemp plant. The information on hemp and cannabidiol is completely available on In this article, we have written the differences that one should know between the THC and CBD.

  • Medicinal property

We must be aware that the medicines like cannabidiol are made using the cannabis extract. THC is one such component of the hemp plant that does not have any sort of medicinal values. It does not have any healing properties as well. CBD is one of the components that are loaded with lot of medicinal properties. Hence, Cannabis is largely used in making medicines.

  • Does not make you go high

THC makes you go high easily and hence, a lot of people use it for seeking pleasure. THC normally makes people get addicted to it. Therefore, most of the people refuse to use the entire hemp plant. But, we also need to understand that CBD extracted from hemp is pure and has a lot of medicinal values and does not make you addicted to it. Thus, it is largely used in making medicines. 

  • Is illegal

Using THC is illegal in most parts of the world because of its psychedelic nature but, using CBD is legalised in most of the places and it is also approved by the health department as well. Also, the medicines made using CBD are sold in the dispensaries and these are made available to people without prescription as well.

Well, these are some of the main differences between CBD and THC that everyone should know.

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